My Personal Health & Wellness Journey By: Stacey Turner

Hello Everyone Welcome to My Page!

As a Health & Fitness Life Coach it’s important to my brand to live the life I portray to my clients. When I started using Bye Bye Belly Juice, I lost 2 inches off my waist within the first 2 weeks and now I’ve lost a total of 19.3 lbs., which surpassed my weight loss goal of 15 lbs. Currently I use the HEALING TRILOGY PACK of MIND, BODY & SOUL to help with the maintenance of my internal wellness such as better sleep, stress management, inflammation in my limbs and proper digestion of my kidneys and much more. My favorite blends are: GET SNATCHED JUICE with Pineapple Smash or Tropical Fusion flavors and GET SNATCHED TEA with Lemonade or Mango Peach flavors. Every morning I take 1 shot of each MIND, BODY and SOUL and our multi-vitamin NOURISH to help keep the Doctor away. You too can jumpstart your Health Journey – You’re just one CLICK away to GETTING STARTED! SEE MY RESULTS BELOW